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How to use HydroMax® (Dosing instructions) 

HydroMax® is a dry granular product packaged in four-pound or five-pound canisters ready to treat full loads. A four-pound canister will treat an 8 CY truck and a five-pound canister will treat a 10 CY truck (500-550 lbs cm/yd). For smaller loads, HydroMax® can be dosed at 1.5 – 2 oz/cwt cementitious.


Adjusting Pervious Concrete Mix Design for HydroMax®

Adjustment to most concrete mixes is not necessary but for pervious concrete mixes where a target void space is designed, adjustments in the concrete mix design may be needed to optimize the mix. Pervious concrete mix designs with HydroMax® should be have a minimum w/cm of 0.33. Note that increasing w/cm will increase the paste volume of a pervious concrete mix design. If aggregate is gap graded adequately, w/cm may be increased without reducing cement, however, if the mix is rich in cement and the aggregate has marginal void space, a reduction in cement may be necessary. Pervious concrete mix designs with very low w/cm (<0.30) and low void space (<20%) typically need to have the cement reduced. This reduction may be up to 15% less cement. Water reducers (WR) and viscosity modifiers (VMA) should no longer be necessary, however, a quality hydration stabilizer (HSA) should be included in the mix.


For best results, contact your HydroMax® distributor.


Adding HydroMax® to a concrete mix.

HydroMax® is added at the slump rack after all other materials in the mix have been loaded. When adding HydroMax® to the load, bring the mix to the top of the drum so the admixture can be placed directly onto the fresh mix. Dumping it on the mix in this manner will help convey it deep enough into the drum to adequately mix. After adding HydroMax®, wash the drum as normal. Mix for 5 minutes before discharging.