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SoyCure is an ideal extension of HydroMax® admixture and effective in combating rapid drying of pervious concrete.
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The chemical plant of the future…

…has arrived.

SoyCure White


SoyCure is a natural plant-based penetrating sealer and curing compound. A green alternative to acrylic sealers and curing compounds for concrete.

Welcome to the future.


SoyCure is suitable for use on fresh and hardened concrete and has excellent performance both inside and outside without the adverse effects of solvent based systems.

SoyCure is an ideal extension of HydroMax® admixture and effective in combating rapid drying of pervious concrete in conditions such as high ambient temperatures, high winds or low humidity. When combined with HydroMax® internal curing admixture, it can replace polyethylene sheeting normally used for surface curing of pervious concrete.


SoyCure Data Sheet

BioPreferred Label

SoyCure C&S is a USDA Certified Biobased product.

Why buy certified products?


USDA certified products are allowed to display the USDA Certified Biobased Product label which identifies the percent biobased content in the product.


The Voluntary Labeling Initiative is designed to empower individuals to consider the verified amount of biobased content in a product.