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How Much Pervious?

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I’m constantly asked how much pervious concrete is being placed in the US on a yearly basis and I typically respond with “I have no idea”. As I’ve retired from contracting, I haven’t been in the field for the past few years, so for while I lost touch with the market. However, I’ve been working for the NPCPA for a full year now, and what started out as getting a call every other week from someone looking for help on a project, has now become a daily event, at least one call on a pervious concrete project every day. I get so many now that I don’t have time to respond like I used to and I have to direct them to the website to find a contractor.


I’m sure part of this is due from awareness that NPCPA exists, but the major reason is that the pervious market is exploding. It’s not just the number of jobs I get calls about; it’s the size of them. During the last two months, just three of these projects alone (one in the SE, one in CA, and one in the NE) total over 4 million sf. Never before have I seen the number of projects planned and projects of this size. Will 2012 be the year we top 10 million SF?

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